Hidden City Walkthrough


  • Ghost


    A Ghost is a restless soul wandering between worlds. Whoever helps the spirit find peace will be rewarded with treasures from the shadow world.

  • Mummy


    An aancient power has awakened a Mummy, which now protects the thombs' riches. Only by defeating the monster can you get its priceless treasures!

  • Fire Mummy

    Fire Mummy

    Fury boils inside the mummy and ignites it. Only a jug of mummifying liquid can extinguish the fiery anger of this dangerous monster.

  • Werewolf


    The beast within overcame the man and burst out. A Werewolf is a ferocious child of the night that knows no love, tenderness, or pity.

  • Moon werewolf

    Moon werewolf

    The werewolves of this tribe grow much stronger under pale moonlight, and on the full moon their hunt is sadly often successful.

  • Psy-werewolf


    Where did these monsters come from? They're much more dangerous than ordinary werewolves. They can hypnotize the enemy by penetrating their mind.

  • Gargoyle


    Gargoyles are always watching you from the City rooftops. They are just waiting for the right moment to spread their stone wings and attack!

  • Scaly Gargoyle

    Scaly Gargoyle

    Scales? An elongated muzzle and webbed wings? This gargoyle's ancestors were crocodiles and bats, which makes it even scarier and more dangerous.

  • Iron Gargoyle

    Iron Gargoyle

    These creatures' hearts are forged from iron, and their hide is stronger than a stone gargoyle's, so even experienced hunters avoid them.

  • Flame Gargoyle

    Flame Gargoyle

    It's a fire, daughter of the evil flame! A fire burns inside this gargoyle, filling the stone monster with life and strength.

  • Adept


    His eyes are empty, for there is neither past nor future in them. He gave his soul to the Shadow, swearing allegiance to the darkness itself.

  • Wanderer


    No one knows where the Wanderers came to the City from. They're onl interested in valuable relics and will exchange anything you need for them.

  • Diggers


    The Diggers' souls belong to the City's dungeons. They only occasionally rise to the surface to exchange mined rarities for flares.

  • Forest Echo

    Forest Echo

    Butterflies circle around her. Her tread is light and soundless. She is the Forest Echo, a faithful guide of spring. She never speaks first, answering questions only with the echoes of phrases she has heard. They say she lost her lovely voice, grieving her beloved.

  • Zombie


    Monsters are terrifying the citizens, howling and scratching at their doors at night and stealing gifts and costumes prepared for a happy Halloween.

  • Spirit of Leaves

    Spirit of Leaves

    The Spirit of Leaves loves to frolic with the wind. They say Lady Autumn herself paints its wings. She chooses the warmest autumn colors for them.

  • Ice Golem

    Ice Golem

    A sow monster spawned from a blizzard. It immediately turns its victims to ice unless it encounters sufficiently warm resistance.

  • Kitsune


    She can turn into a fox, enter dreams, and create illusions indistinguishable from reality.

  • Imugi


    Once every thousand years, he rises from the depths of the sea to try his luck at becoming a dragon. Meeting him promises great luck...

  • Toothy Sweettooth

    Toothy Sweettooth

    He comes to the human world to collect more candy. Don't look at his rows of sharp teeth he only uses them when he sees caramels.

  • Lunar Undine

    Lunar Undine

    Her magic maskes people freeze in place and reveal all their innermost secrets.



Hidden City Walkthrough