Hidden City Walkthrough


  • Ghost


    A Ghost is a bleak shadow of the human it once was; a lost soul wandering between the worlds. Its only danger is the overwhelming melancholy it can induce. Ghosts are tormented by vague memories of their past that, if awakened, will make it disappear, leaving behind treasures from the world beyond.

  • Mummy


    A rotten smell, the rustle of dry bandages and shuffling steps are signs of an approaching mummy. This desiccated dungeon-dweller knows no mercy - its only purpose is to guard treasures in its tomb and can only be stopped by complete destruction.

  • Fire Mummy

    Fire Mummy

    Its breath scorching, it's surrounded by magical fire. It seems that nothing can extinguish the flaming anger of the Fire Mummy, except for a pot of mummifying liquid. A fountain of sparks, a hissing cloud of scalding steam and a motionless corpse falls to the floor.

  • Werewolf


    A Werewolf is a fierce creature of the night. Once human, it would have experienced love, tenderness and compassion, but those days are long gone. Its human nature forgotten, it is now a merciless, nocturnal beast, hiding in the darkness.

  • Moon werewolf

    Moon werewolf

    One can never encounter a moon werewolf during the day and should not be overly wary of them at night, with one exception during the full moon they become a lethal danger. These creatures become a hundred times more powerful in the light of the full moon an dtheir game rarely escapes.

  • Psy-werewolf


    These creatures are both horrifying and pitiful. Who muzzled them? Who chained them? Their excellent eyesight pierces the mist, so they can locate the rarest artifacts. Psy-werewolf can be very dangerous. Their main weapons are telepathy, mental attacks and hyponosis.

  • Scaly Gargoyle

    Scaly Gargoyle

    Webbed wings? One might assume that bats and crocodiles were among its ancestors. Scaly gargoyles are much more cowardly and cunning that their brethren. It's better not to engage them in negotiations but to strike immediately. A sling is the most effective weapon against these beasts.

  • Iron gargoyle

    Iron gargoyle

    A careful look at the City's facades may lead to a terrifying discovery. Those intricately horrendous iron statues seem to observe your every move. As with their stone brethren, iron gargoyles store rare artifacts and have no intention of sharing.

  • Flame Gargoyle

    Flame Gargoyle

    Daughter of the raging inferno, this flaming beast is brought to life by the fire within. Though it seems invulnerable, this beast is fearful of cold and water - anything that could put out it's fire. A couple of ice blocks will make it flee in terror.

  • Adept


    Eyes shining from a pale face, magical tattoos and a red mist hide its lower body. Adepts willingly gave up their souls to the Shadow and powers they received are deadly to any living creature. Its Human emotions lost in the past, an Adept's yearning for those times makes it even more vicious.

  • Wanderer


    These Servants carry out the will of the silent and mysterious City. Wanderers are its eyes, ears and keepers of its secrets. Mute at all times, they appear from the darkness and leave quickly. Only a relic may make them stay longer, for which they might exchange a rare artifact.

  • Diggers


    Diggers were once Dungeon Explorers. Immortal and indifferent, these silent beings lost their souls to the dungeons centuries ago. Frozen in time, they are cursed to wander the dungeons forever. Occasionally they ascend to the surface to trade rare items found in the City Dungeons for flares.

  • Forest Echo

    Forest Echo

    Butterflies circle around her. Her tread is light and soundless. She is the Forest Echo, a faithful guide of spring. She never speaks first, answering questions only with the echoes of phrases she has heard. They say she lost her lovely voice, grieving her beloved.

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Hidden City Walkthrough