Hidden City Walkthrough

The Magical Ornament

Exploration Stage
Santa's Workshop
As long as the Globe of Wishes is frozen with ice magic, Santa has no hope of finding his Workshop and coming home. We need to find a way to break the Snow Queen's ice curse. But how? Do you remember last year, on Christmas Eve, when we defeated the Snow Queen with the Christmas Fire? Now that's an idea! Santa's Christmas tree is ins the corner, but how can we light the Christmas Fire? I saw a beautiful Christmas tree ornament with a candy cane inside. There was something resembling instructions next to it. Please look for the Christmas tree ornament.
Wow, it's a snow globe with a candy cane inside! Looking at it makes me feel like a kid again. Such simple sweetness, and so much joy... Children really need to little! Hang the ball on the Christmas tree. Here are Santa's instructions, what do they say?

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Hidden City Walkthrough