Hidden City Walkthrough

Grave Peril

Exploration Stage
Red Rose Cafe
I'm so lucky to meet you today, colleague. I have some delicate business to discuss. You see, yesterday I met a stranger and he asked to play me for an invitation to a Card Tournament against my living time. How could I refuse? I have tons of time and invitations are so rare. But he cheated me! Now the sand grains of my life are inexorably trickling through the Time Clock. Poor Cardsharp can only be saved if you turn this clock upside down at the last possible moment. Everyone knows that the clock is somewhere in the Organ Room and only the music of five shadow musical items can help find it. But I have no idea where to look for them. Although, I did see a ghostly harp somewhere in the City recently. Find it to begin with.
You found the harp. Please, find the other four instruments quickly to save my young life.

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Hidden City Walkthrough