Hidden City Walkthrough

We have a long history

Exploration Stage
Organ Room
It's an old story... My childhood was not normal. I lived completely alone in a room with a floor-to-ceiling window. Every morning I saw a different view from the window as if the room had moved. I couldn't open the door and was there years. I had everything necessary for life - water and fresh food, which appeared every morning, books, paints... Those memories - I need some fresh air!
Thanks, I feel better. I wasn't completely alone in that room. There were different anomalies but I wasn't scared; amused more like. they made the routine days bearable. Then I was woken one night by a puff of wind and saw the door ajar! I ran out but when I turned around there was just a blank wall. I was both happy and scared, but I could go wherever I wanted! Now I worry that someone else may be locked in that room.



Hidden City Walkthrough