Hidden City Walkthrough



Richly decorated with antique furniture, the Mistress' bedroom is furnished expensively and in style. A huge bed is hidden under a velvet canopy. Most likely the secrets of her dark past are hidden under the heavy canopy.

Probably several items name were changed by update. Let try to check all items name bellow. Give me those informations to Twitter.


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Items Rank

You can find items each levels.

Rank 6

Bedroom(Old) Rank 6

Rank 5

Bedroom(Old) Rank 5

Rank 4

Bedroom(Old) Rank 4

Rank 3

Bedroom(Old) Rank 3

Rank 2

Bedroom(Old) Rank 2

Rank 1

Bedroom(Old) Rank 1


  • Perfume Flask

  • Silk Nightgown

  • School Insignia

  • Dansing Slippers

  • Amulet with a Portrait

  • Postcard wit han Agreement

  • Carved Candleholder

  • Family Photo

  • Old Dress

  • Ball Gown

  • Ceremonial Dagger

  • Glass Heart

  • Old Comb

  • Burned Coat of Arms

  • Newlywed Figurines

  • Broken Mirror

  • Letter from Grandmother

  • Notepad with an Inlay

  • Embroidered Pillow

  • "For Sale" Sign

  • Ball Schedule

  • Guarded Heart

  • Silver Knife

  • Thor's Hammer

  • Trap

  • Fire Dart

  • Black Widow Spider

  • Wedding Roses

  • Bride's Gloves

  • Skeleton Key

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Hidden City Walkthrough