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Ice Palace

Ice Palace

A winter fairy tale has settled in the Ice Palace's hall. Gifts are stacked under the Christmas Tree, fairy lights blink merrily, the air is filled with the aroma of pastries, and the crackling of logs in the fireplace creates an unforgettable atmosphere. But will the mistress of this palace be kind to her guests?

Probably several items name were changed by update. Let try to check all items name bellow. Give me those informations to Twitter.


Items Rank

You can find items each levels.

Rank 5

Ice Palace Rank 5

Rank 4

Ice Palace Rank 4

Rank 3

Ice Palace Rank 3

Rank 2

Ice Palace Rank 2

Rank 1

Ice Palace Rank 1


  • Skeleton Key

  • Night Aurora

  • Blizzard Lyre

  • Windstorm Wings

  • Lumica's Brooch

  • Elf Cap

  • Krampus's Chain

  • Christmas Theif's Shoe

  • Jack Frost's Staff

  • Chirsmas Cactus

  • Staff Topping

  • Lucia's Crown

  • Koliada Wheel

  • Christmas Wreath

  • Shining Christmas Lights

  • Pair of Gnomes

  • Cloth Horse

  • Frosty Dream

  • Snowstorm Whirl

  • Trap

  • Fire Dart

  • Silver Knife

  • Vine

  • Elixir

  • Red Relic

  • Winged Snow Terrier

  • Technofox

  • Northern Cardinal

  • Deer Mount

  • Winged Echo Hare

  • Christmas Pyramid

  • Christmas Cookies

  • Souvenir Christmas Tree

  • Shoe Cup

  • Arch Lamp

  • Golden Ice Skate




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