Hidden City Walkthrough

Witches' Abode

Witches' Abode

Centuries-old silence shrouds the statues of witches frozen in stone within a secret place that's been hidden from the townspeople for many years by Martha's magic. The stone statues stand here as if alive, and traces of their strength are still felt in the air. But why is their gaze on the huge bell so stern?

Probably several items name were changed by update. Let try to check all items name bellow. Give me those informations to Twitter.


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Items Rank

You can find items each levels.

Rank 7

Witches' Abode Rank 7

Rank 6

Witches' Abode Rank 6

Rank 5

Witches' Abode Rank 5

Rank 4

Witches' Abode Rank 4

Rank 3

Witches' Abode Rank 3

Rank 2

Witches' Abode Rank 2

Rank 1

Witches' Abode Rank 1


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Hidden City Walkthrough