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Manor House Gate

Manor House Gate

The numerous gifts left by the Mistress's admirers lay covered in layers of dust at the Manor House Gate. There is magic in the air. Being here, you constantly feel someone's presence. Perhaps it's werewolves or other inhabitants of the fog? Do not wander here alone.

Probably several items name were changed by update. Let try to check all items name bellow. Give me those informations to Twitter.


Items Rank

You can find items each levels.

Rank 6

Manor House Gate Rank 6

Rank 5

Manor House Gate Rank 5

Rank 4

Manor House Gate Rank 4

Rank 3

Manor House Gate Rank 3

Rank 2

Manor House Gate Rank 2

Rank 1

Manor House Gate Rank 1


  • "Aida" Fabric

  • Bead Butterfly

  • Lace Napkin

  • Crochet Hook and Knitting Sample

  • Knitting Needles and Yarn

  • Miltonia Roezlii

  • Phalaenopsys stuartiana

  • Brassocatleya Thornotoni

  • Silver Knife

  • Thor's Hammer

  • Trap

  • Red Relic

  • Sling

  • Taser

  • Cattleya Mossiae

  • Cattleya gaskelliana

  • Emerald Phoenix

  • Rainbow Flower

  • Skeleton Key

  • Mechanic's Glasses

  • Lock Pick

  • Roll of Rope

  • Fern flower

  • Morpho Aurora

  • Prophetic Snakes




Hidden City Walkthrough